Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Middle Part

{Images from Refinery29}

I have to admit, I am not the most daring with my hairstyles and hair color. I like to keep things simple, and sleek. I rarely cut my hair and always keep my color consistent. However, I am always up to try a hair style that doesn't require me to change my hair cut or color.

This spring, I have noticed a lot of very short across the face bangs and very long grown out bangs. I am trying to grow my bangs out, and have been recently trying the middle part.

I thought that trying the middle part would be difficult because my hair has grown to the side for so long. I have quickly realized that while it does take some time, it is all in the blow-dry. If you part your hair before blowdrying and use a round brush to aid you, your hair should stay in an easy, smooth middle part.  Try it! You can easily switch it back to the side :)

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  1. yes that's right, its secret is while doing a blowdry...however i prefer it on one side :)

    jos xx

  2. It's so lovely and so easy to do too!
    I think it would suit you ;-)

    Love Vanilla Blonde

  3. I love a middle part on long hair! x

  4. I love the middle part! I have bangs and I don't look good with the grown out style, but I would grow them out if I could!

  5. This is awesome. I'm a very "side part" kind of girl and this morning I was debating doing a middle part, got too nervous and stuck to the norm. Maybe I'll test it out.


  6. I love middle partings, I have a fringe, but its getting to long so it now goes into a middle path :) xx

  7. I agree...our hairs can easily be trained to fall a certain way. I don't do the middle part as much, but it's nice to know that I can do so anytime I feel like it. Maybe I should switch it up a bit. Haha!

  8. The side part looks so good on you! But I bet a middle part will be nice too. Can't wait to see it! (middle is my go-to part these days)

  9. All I WEAR is the middle part, I love it! So easy to do. Great post!


  10. that's a nice idea, going to try it.
    love your blog and post,

  11. I can't wear the middle part cause my face is heart shaped and when I do middle part it makes me look oval!

    Neat post

    My Lyfe ; My Story

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  13. ah, lovely ; )


  14. i am working the middle part this spring too! such a simple way to get a new look. loves it.



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