Friday, March 25, 2011

Chics Crush!

This week has been crazy busy. Even though I have been non-stop all week, I still have had plenty of time to crush on items!
Even though we started in the 70's this week, we are back down to winter weather. I only can day dream about wearing the beautiful Trina Turk bathing suit shown above.

1. Sally Hansen Salon Effects: These do really work! Pick from a ton of amazing patterns, and stick the stickers on your nails and wahhhlaaa! You look like you just got a professional air-brush job done at the nail salon! I love to change my nails up every week. I chose the leopard ones. They have stayed flawless for 5 days and counting!
9.99- Any drug/grocery store

2. Trina Turk Bathing Suit: I love bandeau bathing suits for summer, and I love the brightness of Trina Turk items. Can't wait to hop into a bathing suit and get a tan!
Top: 95.00
Bottom: 97.00

3. MAC Lipstick: Snob: I have really been getting into wearing matte lipsticks lately. This MAC lipstick in Snob is so cute and colorful! Goes great with a lightly bronzed face! :

Hope you love the Chics Crush items this week!

Have an amazing weekend!


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Thursday, March 24, 2011


Here are some of my all time favorite spring accessories! 

Ray Ban Aviators
Sam Edelman Sandals
Essie Nailpolish
Louis Vuitton Bag Charm
Louis Vuitton Galleria GM
Tory Burch Sandals
David Yurman Bracelet

What are some of yours?
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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Middle Part

{Images from Refinery29}

I have to admit, I am not the most daring with my hairstyles and hair color. I like to keep things simple, and sleek. I rarely cut my hair and always keep my color consistent. However, I am always up to try a hair style that doesn't require me to change my hair cut or color.

This spring, I have noticed a lot of very short across the face bangs and very long grown out bangs. I am trying to grow my bangs out, and have been recently trying the middle part.

I thought that trying the middle part would be difficult because my hair has grown to the side for so long. I have quickly realized that while it does take some time, it is all in the blow-dry. If you part your hair before blowdrying and use a round brush to aid you, your hair should stay in an easy, smooth middle part.  Try it! You can easily switch it back to the side :)

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Has Sprung

{H&M Dress, Vince Denim Jacket, Sperry Top-Siders, Vintage Necklace, David Yurman Ring, Michael Kors Watch, Low Luv Ring}

Spring has finally sprung! Florals are popping up everywhere, both in prints on clothing and real flowers in full bloom! Today was such a hot day, so I threw on this maxi dress and hit the town. I let my hair air dry, and I am very pleased with the natural waviness that it has! What an easy/breezy day!

What are some of your favorite casual spring outfits?

Happy Tuesday!


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Friday, March 18, 2011

Chics Crush!

The first week back from a long spring break is always tough. Luckily, the weather has been warm and pleasant, inspiring me to break out some spring inspiration. 

1. American Apparel Leather Clutch: I have seen this clutch circulating for a few weeks now, and I must say, I love it! There are a ton of colors to choose from, and it is perfect for a casual day out to carry all your goodies. I definitely want to purchase a neutral color first. Should I get the stone color or tan?

2. Sperry Top-Sider Boat Shoes: I love Sperrys. They are so comfortable and classic. My favorite Sperry look is a pair of boyfriend jeans, my Sperrys and an oversized tee. I was thrilled when I saw the gold color. It gives such a pop of flirtation and fun to this classic shoe!
84.95- Nordstom

3. Splendid Shirt Dress: Splendid always makes classic, comfortable pieces that are contemporary yet casual. I will admit, I need to incorporate more stripes into my wardrobe this season. This shirt dress is easy and put together, and can be dressed up or down with fun jewelry and accessories. Throw it on with the gold Sperrys for a day on the boat :)

Hope you love this weeks Chics Crush items!

Have a great weekend, and stay tweeted :)

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I Can Make That!

Crafts have been in my family as long as I can remember. I have my aunt, mother and sister to thank for the ability to sit down, have patience with a project and finish it. 

From a very young age, I was going to craft sales with my mom, aunt, sister and grandmother. My mom and aunt sold dried floral arrangements in the early 90's, and I tagged along every time. I guess it is in my blood, yearning to make something that I see and like.

I started out making beady buddies. Remember those, pony beaded key chains in the shape of a frog, or a lady bug or any type of animal?! I would sit at the craft sales and sell my beady buddies, and I made a killing (or so I thought at the time!)

Next I moved on to knitting. I had learned how to knit in fourth grade at my school, and I took off with it, learning the ins and outs of projects, making purses, scarves, hats, gloves and other accessories. I really enjoyed my knitting, and decided to make a business out of it, thus when I was about 12, Hannah's Hand Knits was born.

I would knit many projects, but my specialty was the felted bags. My aunt and I loved going to yarn shops, and picking out colors that would make a stunning, wool bag. Every summer, we did a craft sale and I sold all the bags that we had made during the year. 

When I entered high school, I lost touch of my knitting a bit. I found it hard to keep up with friends, knit, and stay on top of school work. I have been getting back into my knitting more and more, and now have created and designed my own patterns for fingerless gloves shown here and signature "Ella" clutches named after my niece. 

So what is all this mumbo jumbo I just talked about? Well, it is a glimpse of who I am. Although I love designer goods and fancy things, I also have a deep appreciation for a nice handmade item. Handmade items take talent, hard work and dedication. I believe that it is important to support local artists who have a passion for making their own goods. 

That being said, I always look at things and wonder, "can I make that?" Well, if I'm looking at my Louis Vuitton bag or my David Yurman ring, chances are no can do.

But recently I have checked out the Chan Luu wrap bracelets, and found many tutorials on how to make some like them!

I am perfecting my pattern right now, but I am going to post a DIY on how to make the wrap bracelets like the Chan Luu. Here I am above making my second one!

Never look at anything and think your not crafty enough to make that! You CAN make that!

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Monday, March 14, 2011

Rain, Shine, Snow, Wind

{Gifted coat, J.Crew shirt, J.Crew skirt, J.Crew belt, Sam Edelman boots, Michael Kors watch, David Yurman ring and bracelets, Low Luv ring and necklace}

Well, I'm leaving my home in Buffalo today (so sad!)
I have had such a nice trip. So much relaxation!
Unfortunately, toward the end of my trip I got sick with a cold. I think it was the crazy weather changes!

Speaking of weather, I took these pics outside before I got sick. The weather has been up and down, rain, sun and snow. Sometimes, it was hard for me to come up with a different outfit for all the changes.
I found this awesome washed denim shirt at the J.Crew outlet. I wore it so many times, with leggings, jeans and then with this skirt. When I'm shopping, I always gravitate toward versatile items that can be worn many different ways with many different pieces. I hate buying items that are "one hit wonders."

What are some of your favorite versatile items?

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Friday, March 11, 2011

In lieu of spring break, I thought I would dedicate this weeks Chics Crush to some SB essentials that I stubbled upon this week!

1. Marc By Marc Jacobs Preppy Straw Canteen:
How adorable is this bag? I love straw bags for spring and summer, and this being a cross body puts it at the top of my list! The bag comes with yellow, periwinkle or pink trim! So adorable. Definitely a must have on my list!
148.00- Barneys

2. Aqua Striped Maxi Dress:
I love wearing maxi dresses. They are so easy, yet put together. Throw a denim jacket on over top, put your hair in a french braid and go! Stripes are a must have this season!

3. Sam Edelman "Garner" Sandal: 
Everyone who knows me knows I LOVE Sam Edelman sandals. They are so comfortable and last forever. These are really quite casual, and can be dressed up or down depending on the outfit. These will look great with the maxi dress above, or some cute little jean shorts! Oh-la-la!
89.00- Bloomingdales

Another week down! It's almost spring!

Make sure we stay tweeted over the weekend :)

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Double Knot Updo

{Image from Refinery 29}

I'm always scouting for fun new hairstyles. While perusing, I found this super adorable double knot updo. This is the perfect hairstyle to go from day to night. It's quick, easy and super savvy. Need I say more?!

The whole article and step-by-step directions can be found here.
Let me know if you try it! 

{I love all my Twitter followers :) }

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Whats In My Bag?

I love reading "what's in my bag" posts, so I decided to do one myself! What's in our bags gives a glimpse of who we are. Some of us have different items we find necessities, and some of us have the same. 

{Here's whats in my bag and why!}

-Louis Vuitton Odeon PM
-Louis Vuitton Insolite Wallet Blue
-iPhone 4 (to keep myself informed)
-iPhone earbuds (to listen to my beats)
-RayBan Aviators (to keep the sun out of my eyes!)
-Essie Sand Tropez (to touch up the nails)
-Trident Gum (to keep it fresh)
-Moleskine Notebook (to stay organized)
-Key (to get into the house!)
-Bobby Pins (to switch up the hairstyle)
-Pen (to write down all my ideas)
-Mac Lipsticks (to keep those lips colorful)
-Hairties (to get my hair out of my face!)
-Tweezers (to pluck those unwanted eyebrow stragglers!)

{Ps: Follow me on Twitter  <3}
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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lacey Lace

{Photos From}

Lace is in the air this spring! Lace patterns are popping up in almost every store. When the lace trend first started, I wasn't quite sure about it (I'm always skeptical...until I try it!)
 Now, I have about five lace pieces in my closet, and I love each of them. The nice part about lace is that it is feminine and versatile. Lacey pieces can be dressed up with a fancy evening outfit, or down as we see in the first picture with jean shorts and a long necklace. 

What do you think about lace?
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Monday, March 7, 2011

I'm Comin Home

{peeking into my shed he he}

{Vince leather jacket, William Rast hoodie, Juicy Couture leggings, David Yurman ring, Vintage rings, Low Luv ring}

Usually, when we think of "spring break" sun and warmth come to mind. Although I usually jet off to a sunny destination, this year I decided to come home to my house in Buffalo, NY, which generally means four things: snow, cold weather, amazing food and The Bills (too bad its not football season!)  I have been so busy this semester that I haven't been able to relax, but now I am getting some much needed rest!

I designed the cabled fingerless gloves above. I love them because they keep my hands warm, but fingers free to text, drive and of course show off my rings! Contact me if you would like a pair custom knit!

Its always great to be home!
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Friday, March 4, 2011

Chics Crush!

{ This weeks all about color!}

1. Essie's Mint Candy Apple: 
Usually when it comes to nail color, I am pretty simple. Lately I have been branching out to some very bright colors. I just discovered this Essie color, Mint Candy Apple. I love LOVE love it! If your simple with your nails, dress it up and try something bright and colorful!

2. Diane Von Furstenburg Dress:
When I first saw this dress, I fell head over heels. DVF always makes timeless pieces, but this one will go down in the books. I love the red/orange bright color, and how whimsical the silk drapes at the sleeves at waist! Bright day dresses are a must have for the closet this season! Item can be found at Shopbop.

3. Love Quotes:
I am a huge fan of Love Quotes scarves. I love how they are casual, contemporary and go with almost every outfit. I usually wear my Love Quotes with a denim jacket or day dress. I found this amazing pink pop color at Otte

Have a great weekend my friends!
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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bad Hair Day

Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, prepare, stand in front of the mirror with squinted morning tired eyes...we are just...well bound to have a bad hair day! There's something in the way we wake up those mornings that we just can't shake the hair problems and the nest that has settled into our hair the night before!
So.. what do you do? Wear a hat? Curl up in a ball? Stay home?


I have found something that works. I repeat... something actually works!

So, I'll cut to the chase. I take showers at night, and often straighten my hair. I wake up in the morning with a terrible bump in my hair the height of a skyscraper. Even though I try to straighten it out, it still decides to stick around. Without taking a shower again, heres what you can do!

I bought one of the spray bottles above from The Container Store (you can also get spray bottles from your local drug store.) I fill it up with water and spray my roots. Seems simple right? Then I will re-dry my roots, and perfect them with a round brush!
Its that easy. I think that this is great to do on the bottom of the hair as well, to smooth out the ends!

And thats it. $1 container bottle, free tap water, and you have yourself a hairdo quick fix!

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Stack It Up!

{Photos from}

There is something contemporary and edgy about stacking rings and bracelets. No matter where your going, your jewelry stands out. Some people aren't a fan of the stacked look, and view it as gaudy and unflattering. I believe jewelry is a unique expression of who you are and what style you enjoy. 
I say, if you own it, wear it. Theres no use saving your jewelry in a box. It's meant to come out and play!

What do you think of the stacked trend?

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011


{ Marc Jacobs Jacket, H&M Dress, Rebecca Minkoff BagLow Luv Ring}

After the bout of snow we received last week, it finally warmed up again! I decided to take take a stroll to some new destinations, and bring my iPad to do some homework outside!
I recently found this amazing Marc Jacobs denim jacket at a designer resale shop. I love thrifty shopping, and feel so good when I find a deal! 
If you haven't already, check out a designer or vintage resale shop near you! You will be sure to find some unique pieces!

{Psst...!! I love resale shopping and finding deals. If one of your all time favorite fashion pieces was bought at a resale/vintage shop etc. I would love to know about your purchase and feature it on my blog ;)}
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