Monday, February 28, 2011

In Like a Lion... Out Like a Lamb

{Photo from Weheartit}

We all know the old saying for March, in like a lion and out like a lamb. Well...that doesn't mean that your closet and room still have to remain a winter, "I don't know where any of my clothes are" mess. Lets start this March in like a lamb and out like a lamb!
Recently, I have been motivated to do some spring cleaning. Although I really only have my small room to keep tidy, most of the time it gets messy, cluttered and unorganized. I simply can't think or get ready for the week with my room in shambles and clothes all over the place (I'm low on hangers.. shop too much?!) I have decided to share some spring cleaning  tips to tackle the end of winter messys!

1. Music. 
I always find that when I have music or Pandora playing when I clean my room I become motivated, and get the job done faster. It puts you in a ready, set, go mood!

2. Hang the good, fold the old.
 I tend to hang my nicer clothes in my closet, and fold the clothes that I don't wear as often. This way, I can see all my goodies hanging in an easily accessible area. 

3. Review and Evaluate. 
We all find clothes in our closet that are outdated, and unused. Instead of chucking these clothes/handbags/accessories to the curb, evaluate them. Will I ever wear this again? How much did I pay for this item? Will I miss it when its gone? I have given a lot of my unused clothes and accessories to designer resale shops. While some of the items I don't miss, others I wish I could have back. Never give anything away without evaluating it first, and making sure that item will not be missed!

4. Bins.
   Now that winter is coming to a close, its time to stow away all sweaters and winter duds. I always get bins for my "not in season" clothing, so that I have more room in my closet for my spring goodies. Usually, I store my good sweaters hanging in garment bags with lavender sachets to keep moths or bugs from ripping holes in my sweaters. Of course, for those unexpected snowstorms and bit of winter weather we have left, leave out two or three of your favorite sweaters.
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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Chics Crush!

I have decided to start a weekly post dedicated to three things I'm currently "crushing" on.  These are items that I want, own, desire, can't afford, what have you but I LOVE them all! 

1. Low Luv Ring: This line of jewelry is so contemporary and edgy. I love the double finger ring because it is a unique twist on the normal ring. Low Luv can be purchased at Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, Shopbop and other online websites.

2. My tried and true go to bag, the Rebecca Minkoff MAC. I was so siked to see that this bag is being made in Butter, a color which in my opinion is the perfect subtle pop color for spring, summer and even early fall! Bag can be found at Shopbop.

3. Dolce Vita "Pela" Wedges: I am OBSESSED with wedges for spring. Why? Because I cannot walk in regular heels no matter how hard I try. Wedges are easy to maintain your balance, because the platform aids you while you walk! The wedge is such a classic yet fashion forward statement shoe to add to your spring wardrobe! These wedges can be found at Bloomingdales.

Hope you like the Chics Crush items this week!
Happy Saturday!

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Friday, February 25, 2011

Saddle Up!

{bestie love}

While Bailey was visiting, we did some sightseeing and decided to take photos along our travels. Although we did not intend to dress up as anything special, we rolled out of the house looking somewhat like Cowgirls and Indians... so saddle up!

Bailey is the original expert hair braider, so in spirit of her visit we made some crazy braid experiments with our hair. Bailey sported the Kourtney Kardashian braid, braiding both sides and pinning them up. I french braided one side of the hair, curled the other side and pinned it back!
I think these hair styles made for a unique look!

What are some of your favorite hair styles for spring?
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Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Day on the Town

This past weekend, I had the privilege of having my bestie Bailey visit from Phoenix. We had a ton of fun just being together. Throughout the weekend, we ate a lot of food, painted our nails numerous times, went to estate sales only to find all of the items were gone (darn ha!) and even set up Bailey a blog called Peace of Pie check it out!
 We had an amazing time together, and I miss her so much!
Here are some pictures from one of our days out on the town, and boy was the weather beautiful!
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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Find My iPhone... Please!!

I have been a proud iPhone owner since the day it came out in good old 2007. I was young, and yearning for the newest technology. I somehow didn't care that an (at the time) six hundred dollar phone did not have an insurance plan... oh no no no. I just wanted my iPhone... no matter what!

Now, my priorities have changed, and I am constantly thinking of the "what if." What if my phone gets stolen, what if I lose it, what if I drop it and it cracks into tiny pieces?

Well, I will tell you a little "what if" story because it can happen!
Recently, my mom lost her iPhone at a hotel. After searching and searching to find it, the phone did not turn up. I called my provider to explain to them what had happened and if there was anything I could do to find the phone. They asked me if I had set up the "find my iPhone" app feature on the phone. I said no because I didn't know about the feature. If there is something that can find your phone..... WE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT IT! I was upset that I had not been told about this feature before, and only until after the phone was gone did I even know it had existed [counterproductive]!
So... I am taking it upon myself to relay the message.

The find my iPhone feature will track your iPhone from your computer and send out a personalized message with a noise until it is found. It also helps if it has been stolen or lost to track down where it is on a map. It is a great service that everyone needs to know about!

So, how do you set it up?
Click here to begin the process.

Hopefully you won't loose your phone, but if you love your iPhone as much as I do, set this up as a precautionary measure!

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Case of the Mondays

[ H&M Poncho, Juicy Couture Leggings, Rebecca Minkoff BagLeopard Flat]

Sometimes you just need a late night coffee break.... especially in the beginning of the week! I usually turn to Starbucks for my caffeine needs. I sported the messy bun, leggings, leopard flats and a poncho for my late night coffee fix. I absolutely cannot get through the day without at least two cups (good or bad?!) Although I wish Starbucks carried pumpkin spice lattes all year round, I ordered a cafe latte with whip...yum! 
I just picked up a new book at Borders titled The Three Weissmanns of Westport by Cathleen Schine. Being busy with school it takes me a gazillion years to finish a book, but I am going to try to read at least a chapter a night [to keep my brain sharp!] Also, reading before bed is relaxing I think. Have you picked up a good book lately that you couldn't put down?

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Friday, February 18, 2011

Just Another Day...

{Photos taken by: Ian G. Wilson, Humundo Productions}

I absolutely love jackets. From denim to leather, jackets are lightweight and a great piece to throw on over a simple shirt or tee. I chose to wear this J.Crew chino jacket with a pair of leggings and boots. It was a great casual "throw on" outfit for the warm weather today. Since we have been having such crazy weather changes, I believe its always good to have a variety of coats and jackets, to grab on the go depending on the weather!

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Glasses Glasses!

A problem that I always face is that I don't wear my glasses enough (ahh my poor eyes!) The first thing I do in the morning is put in my contacts because, heaven forbid I would be seen without them. Even though I have stylish glasses, I still cannot bring myself to wear them. A lot of women are the same, thinking that glasses are unflattering. I have found that 9 out of 10 times I wear my glasses, I get compliments, because it is a different look than what people are used to seeing me in. I'm not saying that if your a contact lover you should switch to glasses, I'm simply stating, switch it up on occasion, and give those eyes a rest! Glasses are chic, and very in style. Dust off the old readers its time for some change!

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The "Bailey" Braid

This summer thanks to my bestie Bailey, I learned how to french braid. I love the smooth, yet edgy look that braids create, and the french braid is so classic and a cute! I had been wanting to learn how to french braid for a long time, but never knew how until Bailey taught me. Although not everyone has the luxury of an expert french braid friend like I do, I decided to post up a hair tutorial to show how its done!

{ Start with your hair a little messy and down }

{Separate the hair into a front section. Clip the rest of the hair back and out of the way.}

{Separate three front pieces and begin braiding normally. Each time you go to braid, draw a piece of hair not being used in your section and add it to the piece you are going to braid. I always think "braid, grab new, braid, grab new...and so on. Grab hair from the front and back.}

{See above, I am taking a new piece that is not being used and adding it to the piece I am going to braid.}

{Halfway there!}

{Secure your braid with a small hair tie.}

{Tightly wrap the braid around the side of your head, and secure with bobby pins.}

{Finished product!}

What are some of your favorite braid styles?

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Weekend Warmup


[H&M Tunic, Safia Black Necklace, Boutique 9 Moto Boot, Thrifted Vintage Rings, Handmade Leather Wrap Bracelet, Gorjana Bracelet]

This weekend was so warm, highs were in the 60's! It was refreshing to leave the house without a heavy coat, so I decided to take advantage of the nice weather. 
 Could spring be right around the corner?
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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

Whether or not you have a Valentine this year,  you can still experience the delicious treats that come with the holiday! Some of my favorite V-day candies are the conversation hearts and chocolate covered strawberries. Of course I never bat an eye at a rose or two from a secret admirer ;). How will you be spending Valentines Day this year?
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Friday, February 11, 2011

The Denim Shirt

I always love the crisp look of denim in the spring. It's something about the blues in the fabric that just make your features pop. I love wearing jean jackets over floral printed dresses or with a pair of white jeans. 
I am especially excited about the new denim shirt trend. The nice part about the denim shirt is that it looks classic and put together but still has that boyfriend style feel. I just bought the one above from H&M today, and I'm so excited to wear it.
The denim shirt looks great with all neutrals, military pants, or tucked into a fun floral printed skirt. This is one of those must-have spring transitional pieces that you just have to play around with to see what works!

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bye Bye Winter Blues

I have always dreaded this part of winter. It seems as if January and February are the longest months out of the year. Everyone is sick of the snow and cold, and ready for Spring. I have recently felt as if I myself was falling into this unhappy trap, until I switched it around and made some changes!
I have come up with five ways to beat the winter blues!

My first tip is simple. Organize. Organize your room, house, school notebooks, car, closet; everything! Life is always easier when things are neat and in order. One thing I cannot stand is when I can't find something. When your organized you will know where everything is, and feel neat and orderly. 

Grab your yoga mat, its time for some stretching! I get unbelievably tense in the winter, and it feels so uncomfortable! Doing yoga or pilates really helps you lengthen and stretch your muscles. It is so relaxing and rejuvenating! Instead of sitting on the couch curled up in a blanket eating chips, break a sweat and do some yoga or pilates. The best part is, we live in the day and age of workout DVD's so you don't even have to leave your house :)

Although I am a shopper, and love to go to the stores, sometimes I need a break from the mainstream. I love visiting fun vintage clothing and consignment shops. The intriguing part is that you never know what you are going to find. You could find an amazing vintage piece of jewelry, or you could find nothing. That is the beauty in it. The best part is that the items are generally inexpensive, so if your tight on money thrifty shopping is the way to go!

I don't know about you, but I definitely do not drink enough water, especially in the winter. Bad news for me, thats not good for my body at all! Good news is that I recently found these fun vibrant colored Bobble water bottles at Target. They filter the water as you drink, so you can fill the bottle with tap water and drink filtered water! Amazing! Now, I don't go anywhere without my Bobble water bottle! 

I'm pretty sure that I have found a definite way to beat the winter blues. It involves a little cash and some time, but over the years this has always done the trick for me.  Plan a trip. It can be a weekend trip, by plane, boat, car, bike, train you name it. Sometimes, we just have to get out of the environment we are living in for a little while and get a breath of fresh air somewhere else. Having something to look forward to will pull you out of any funk you may be in. I almost always fly Southwest Airlines. They have low fares sometimes starting at only $39 one way! Plan something! You will be relieved when you do.

So, show those winter blues who's boss ;)

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Be. Mine.

I have always liked Valentines Day. It may be because when I was little, my mom called me "Hannah Heart."
As a kid, I remember making homemade Valentines with the paper doilies, and thought it would be a great post to show how its done! These cute DIY Valentines are easy to make, and can be given to your loved ones, or used for decoration around your house.
You can get all of your supplies at your local craft store, Michaels, Joann Fabrics etc.

{Step 1: Grab your supplies! You will need: paper doilies (red and white), glue, wired ribbon, scrap booking paper or construction paper ( I got the glittery kind!) and a fun accent. I chose the stick-on pearls as my accent.}

{Step 2: Lay your large doily flat on the back of your paper, and trace about 1/2 inch out from the doily. You are creating your base.}

{ Step 3: Cut out your base}

{Step 4: Glue the doily to the paper}

{Step 5: Glue the smaller doily in the center of the large doily}

{Step 6: Add your accents, ribbon, pearls, quotes/sayings etc!}

{Ta daaa! You did it!}

{Valentine Love}
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