Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The "Bailey" Braid

This summer thanks to my bestie Bailey, I learned how to french braid. I love the smooth, yet edgy look that braids create, and the french braid is so classic and a cute! I had been wanting to learn how to french braid for a long time, but never knew how until Bailey taught me. Although not everyone has the luxury of an expert french braid friend like I do, I decided to post up a hair tutorial to show how its done!

{ Start with your hair a little messy and down }

{Separate the hair into a front section. Clip the rest of the hair back and out of the way.}

{Separate three front pieces and begin braiding normally. Each time you go to braid, draw a piece of hair not being used in your section and add it to the piece you are going to braid. I always think "braid, grab new, braid, grab new...and so on. Grab hair from the front and back.}

{See above, I am taking a new piece that is not being used and adding it to the piece I am going to braid.}

{Halfway there!}

{Secure your braid with a small hair tie.}

{Tightly wrap the braid around the side of your head, and secure with bobby pins.}

{Finished product!}

What are some of your favorite braid styles?

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  1. oooh one day I'll try to make me one like this, though I wear bangs me I have to do a little further back!
    As I said yesterday I like how you have left :D


  2. Yes! You definitely should! You can probably still do a small braid behind the bangs, and pin it in the back!



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