Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Find My iPhone... Please!!

I have been a proud iPhone owner since the day it came out in good old 2007. I was young, and yearning for the newest technology. I somehow didn't care that an (at the time) six hundred dollar phone did not have an insurance plan... oh no no no. I just wanted my iPhone... no matter what!

Now, my priorities have changed, and I am constantly thinking of the "what if." What if my phone gets stolen, what if I lose it, what if I drop it and it cracks into tiny pieces?

Well, I will tell you a little "what if" story because it can happen!
Recently, my mom lost her iPhone at a hotel. After searching and searching to find it, the phone did not turn up. I called my provider to explain to them what had happened and if there was anything I could do to find the phone. They asked me if I had set up the "find my iPhone" app feature on the phone. I said no because I didn't know about the feature. If there is something that can find your phone..... WE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT IT! I was upset that I had not been told about this feature before, and only until after the phone was gone did I even know it had existed [counterproductive]!
So... I am taking it upon myself to relay the message.

The find my iPhone feature will track your iPhone from your computer and send out a personalized message with a noise until it is found. It also helps if it has been stolen or lost to track down where it is on a map. It is a great service that everyone needs to know about!

So, how do you set it up?
Click here to begin the process.

Hopefully you won't loose your phone, but if you love your iPhone as much as I do, set this up as a precautionary measure!

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  1. Thanks for the warning, but this application apple known at all times where you are?
    And that I have located 24 hours, I do not like too.
    well, is my opinion.


  2. Not all the time. The only time it is active is when you lose your phone and you use a computer to locate it.

  3. hmmm must check it out! thanks for the recommendation.


  4. Oh gosh, good to know! Thanks, gf! Getting this app now! :)



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