Monday, February 28, 2011

In Like a Lion... Out Like a Lamb

{Photo from Weheartit}

We all know the old saying for March, in like a lion and out like a lamb. Well...that doesn't mean that your closet and room still have to remain a winter, "I don't know where any of my clothes are" mess. Lets start this March in like a lamb and out like a lamb!
Recently, I have been motivated to do some spring cleaning. Although I really only have my small room to keep tidy, most of the time it gets messy, cluttered and unorganized. I simply can't think or get ready for the week with my room in shambles and clothes all over the place (I'm low on hangers.. shop too much?!) I have decided to share some spring cleaning  tips to tackle the end of winter messys!

1. Music. 
I always find that when I have music or Pandora playing when I clean my room I become motivated, and get the job done faster. It puts you in a ready, set, go mood!

2. Hang the good, fold the old.
 I tend to hang my nicer clothes in my closet, and fold the clothes that I don't wear as often. This way, I can see all my goodies hanging in an easily accessible area. 

3. Review and Evaluate. 
We all find clothes in our closet that are outdated, and unused. Instead of chucking these clothes/handbags/accessories to the curb, evaluate them. Will I ever wear this again? How much did I pay for this item? Will I miss it when its gone? I have given a lot of my unused clothes and accessories to designer resale shops. While some of the items I don't miss, others I wish I could have back. Never give anything away without evaluating it first, and making sure that item will not be missed!

4. Bins.
   Now that winter is coming to a close, its time to stow away all sweaters and winter duds. I always get bins for my "not in season" clothing, so that I have more room in my closet for my spring goodies. Usually, I store my good sweaters hanging in garment bags with lavender sachets to keep moths or bugs from ripping holes in my sweaters. Of course, for those unexpected snowstorms and bit of winter weather we have left, leave out two or three of your favorite sweaters.
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  1. love that closet! its soo well organized!! i listen to music too when i'm tiding up, it keeps me in a happy mood!

    PS: following!!

    jos xx

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your lovely comment! Yes, I would love to follow each other! I'm following you now, and hope, you will follow me back!

    From Munich With Love

  3. i dreeeeeeeeeeead cleaning my closet. i hate cleaning in general. hahahaha! that closet is an inspiration though.


  4. i have to clean out my closet every month!! love your blog name : )

  5. Great advice and I love this closet! : )

  6. very cool tips, I may have to feature you in my weekly blog round up! thanks for stopping by PinkPopMash now following you!

    Girl Meets Bag

  7. Oh my god.
    That closet is to die for.
    I want that many shoes... haha!
    All your tips are great and are stuff that I do when I go through my wardrobe/ room!

  8. wow this closet is to die for. I wish my closet were even half this size!

  9. the closet :)


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