Wednesday, May 18, 2011

{All images from Shopbop}

In preparation for my much anticipated 21st birthday bash at the end of this month, I have started paying extra close attention to little party dresses. I want something short and sweet, but sophisticated and fun. Above are some of my favorite picks from Shopbop! I want this birthday to be special and unforgettable.

What did you wear for your 21st birthday?

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  1. I love this post - I did the same thing when I was turning 21! I actually had two different outfits for two different nights. My votes go for the black and white stripe dress is you want something sexy and fun (both good things for the big 2-1) or the black dress with the brown belt to be a little more girly and fun. I'd just stray from something all one color that is light....drinks get spilled, and you don't want them to be on your white/cream/light pink dress! that's my best advice haha happy early 2-1!!

  2. I love the striped 1 shoulder dress above, you could pair it with some fun colored heels!

    My 21st. Hmmmm... I was in Vegas in December, so semi cold. I wore dark grey dress shorts, small hole fish nets, tall boots, yellow off the shoulder sweater and green/black jewelry! Let's just say after a certain point it didn't really matter what I had on and I just wanted to take off my boots!


  3. I vote for the black. It will be more forgiving when (not if) you spill a drink on it!

  4. Coveting that black and white striped dress!!!

    the sydney girl

    p.s. Just letting you know I have a giveaway going on if you're interested! X

  5. Loving the black and white striped :)
    I can't wait to go out and party! ;)

  6. soo exciting! i wore snowboarding gear for my bday cause i snowboarded all weekend!

  7. Loving the blue and black dresses! I don't even remember what I wore-nothing that cool since my birthday fell on a Sunday!


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