Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentine Strawberries

Valentine's Day is one of my all-time favorite holidays. One of the goodies I look forward to most are simple chocolate covered strawberries (which for me have become a holiday classic!)

I had tried for years to make the perfect chocolate covered strawberries. All attempts quickly turned to disaster. I would put the chocolate in the microwave, burn it, and always end up frequenting the nearest candy store to get my fix. I'm happy to say I've come up with a solution. Below is my step by step instruction to the perfect chocolate covered strawberry. 

{Start with your ingredients. I use strawberries, a pot filled with water, a cup to heat the chocolate and of course, your chocolate!}

{Set the stove to a medium heat. Fill your cup with the chocolate and put the cup in the pot.}

{Watch your chocolate melt. Stir when needed.}

{When chocolate is melted, simply dip your strawberries. Leave in chocolate for about 3 seconds, and turn the strawberry when you remove it from the chocolate.}

{Add the strawberries to a tray with tinfoil covering.}

{Eat and enjoy! Happy Valentine's Day!}

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