Thursday, March 13, 2014

Zara Wish List

Unfortunately, I don't live near a Zara store, so the closest I come to finding great goodies is online. I find myself surfing the web for new trends at least once a day, particularly at night when I'm trying to wind-down from the day.

I'm beyond obsessed with neutral colors this spring, but mostly muted pinks and pale blues. Anything leather is alright with me - which is why I love this frilly faux leather skirt!

I'm pretty sure these Zara items will be in my closet at the first sign of spring.

What are some items you need in  your closet this spring?

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  1. I absolutely love that Zara skirt! I have been eyeing it for a few weeks now! It is so perfect for spring. I don't live near a Zara store either so I also have to stalk it online :)

  2. great highlights! lovely spring items :)


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